Sacramento Justice League is a nonprofit corporation in Sacramento offering the community free or low cost legal services. We are a league of volunteer legal professionals and other community members to fill the gap between the services low-income people need and the services that are currently available. These services include:

Direct Family Law Legal Services
Name Changes/Birth Certificate Changes
Criminal Expungement Assistance
Credit and Debt Relief Assistance
Self-Represented Family Law Workshops
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Landlord/Tenant Issues

If you are in an emergency domestic violence situation or a tenant in Sacramento County and you have been served with a notice to vacate your home, we may be able to help.  If you have received a 3-day notice to vacate or if you have been served with a summons in an unlawful detainer action, call us at 916-754-2986 to set up a consultation ASAP.

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